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About X1 Technologies

X1 Technologies was founded in 2003 with a mission to make it easier to find emails, files, and data on networked computers. Our patented1 search solution allows people to access all forms of data, from email inboxes to contracts in document management systems to archived email, all through a single, elegant interface.

X1's patented fast-as-you-type search experience is unlike no other and is a key reason why over 2 million people use X1 for finding information. Unlike search products that mimic web search engine tools, X1 provides an interactive search experience that allows a user to quickly find what they are looking for by entering search criteria and seeing the results as they type.

X1's customers span individuals to corporate environments that have implemented tens of thousands of X1 licenses. And unlike free and limited function search products, X1 offers a robust, proven search solution that dramatically improves productivity and supports over 500 file types and applications.

X1 Technologies is an operating company of Idealab and is headquartered in Pasadena, California.

1 U.S. Patents No. 7,370,035, 7,424,510 and 7,496,559

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