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eDiscovery or eNightmare...
Avoid an eNightmare with X1
The average mid to large size company has up to 37 active lawsuits at one time and the cost to defend an average lawsuit is $1.5 million. To make matters worse, many eDiscovery requests have deadlines as short as 72 hours. Studies show that eDiscovery can encompass up to 30% of total litigation expenses, and that doesn't even include personnel costs associated with culling, preserving, reviewing and presenting data.

The X1 eDiscovery Search Suite provides a simple, cost effective eDiscovery solution for early case assessment and can reduce the overall costs associated with eDiscovery by up to 50%. In addition, the X1 eDiscovery Search Suite creates ongoing integration with IT and Legal departments, allowing for proactive discovery before litigation ensues.
"The average cost of defending a lawsuit exceeds $1.5 million per case, with 20% to 30% of that being internal and mostly IT-related... By selecting the right technology for eDiscovery and by tying that to an information life cycle management strategy, you can save your company a ton of money and your IT department a ton of time."
Source: Debra Logan, Research VP, Gartner, Inc
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Proactive Information Management
While many enterprise eDiscovery solutions offer Early Case Assessment (ECA), X1 expands your risk management through Proactive Information Management. The earlier your enterprise integrates compliance and risk management, the easier it becomes to quickly and efficiently present relevant documents in the event of a lawsuit. Using X1 and X1's eDiscovery Search Suite, a manager, team supervisor, or CEO can keep their legal fees down by preemptively and continually culling their data for useful and prudent future eDiscovery.
X1 eDiscovery Search Suite rich client interface.
"X1's design eliminates the wasted time of clicking through search results, opening and closing one document after another. Pulling together documents, attachments, and email in one easy-to-use interface cuts down on time spent looking so that workers can start doing."
Susan Feldman, VP for Search & Discovery Technologies
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