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X1 Email Search
The Cure for Email Search Frustration

Outlook and Notes = Frustration

How often have you wasted time looking for an email that someone sent you or you sent them? Has a friend or colleague asked you for something that you know you already sent? Have you ever wanted to "remind" someone that you are waiting on a response from them? Most people answer yes to one or all of these questions. And what seems like a simple task can take valuable time out of your day.

While all email applications have built-in search and the proliferation of free desktop tools shows no sign of abating, the ability to FIND what you are looking for has never been harder. Most email search doesn't take into fact that you know what you are looking for, but you just don't know where it is. Finding data that is "relevant" is different than finding what you want. With X1, we provide you with a search tool that allows you to zero in on what you are looking for in seconds.

Find what you are looking for in seconds

X1 search provides a patented, fast-as-you-type™ search experience that allows you to interactively find what you are looking for. With the ability to search all email, including attachments and archived email, you can easily narrow down your search results until you find the exact item you are looking for.

X1's approach to search allows you to search both content and metadata (to:, from:, subject:, etc.) using a combination of search methods and search refinement that present results as you enter search criteria.

Fast-as-you-type™ Search

Not only is X1 a pioneer in email search, we invented a patented process1 that allows users to dynamically refine their search results while typing. This feature, combined with the ability to search, preview and act upon data in over 500 file types, has made X1 a leader in email search solutions for the following applications:
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • IBM Lotus Notes and Domino
    Now with Move/Copy to Folder and
    Copy to NSF  New in version 6.7
1 U.S. Patent Nos. 7,370,035, 7,424,510, 7,496,559
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"X1's design eliminates the wasted time of clicking through search results, opening and closing one document after another. Pulling together documents, attachments, and email in one easy-to-use interface cuts down on time spent looking so that workers can start doing."
Susan Feldman, VP for Search & Discovery Technologies
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Once you use the intuitive X1 interface for searching email, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it, which is why we offer a free 14 day trial.
Key benefits of X1 email search
With lost productivity costs estimated at $14,000 per employee per year by IDC due to the inability to find emails and files, search isn't a "nice to have" anymore, but a necessity. And since X1 searches both email and files, you can find all data relevant to the subject you are looking for. X1 solves the problem of "I know I have it, but I can't find it."
  • Single point of access for all emails, live or archived
  • Search, preview and act upon data all from the same interface
  • Lower total cost of ownership than legacy search applications based on internet search
  • Proactive eDiscovery that provides compliance and legal departments with the ability to perform "what if" scenarios as a precaution
  • Low administrative overhead – X1 customers have deployed tens of thousands of clients in days
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