April 2009 Newsletter

Is Email affecting your productivity?
How much time do you spend every day on email? As it turns out, email has become the #1 enterprise application for most organizations. Here are some interesting statistics:
  • The average person spends 14.5 hours per week reading email (IDC)
  • The average person spends 9.5 hours per week searching for emails, files and attachments (IDC)
  • Email is growing at an annual rate of 45% (Gartner Group)
  • Up to 75% of a company's intellectual property is in email (ESG)
  • Email is the #1 source for legal and regulatory inquiries (ESG)

X1's own surveys show that searching through email is the #2 reason for using X1 (finding files on a PC is #1). Given the continued growth in email and the complexity of wading through thousands of emails, both online and archived, the need to quickly find data not only has an impact on productivity, but it can affect an organization's ability to operate.

X1 has grown our email support over the years, expanding from just Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes. In 2009 we are working on product enhancements specific to email.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about X1's ability to simplify how you view email.

Give us your feedback
X1 would like to learn more about how our customers use X1 to search email today and more importantly, what features you would like to see in the future. Click here for this short survey and make your opinion count!
Here is the latest news and information from the X1 team.
Product Releases

X1 Professional Client 6.2.4
The latest maintenance release of the X1 Professional Client, V6.2.4, is available for download. You can read the release notes to see the specific maintenance items and enhancements included in this release.

X1 Content Connector for Symantec Enterprise Vault, V1.3.1
This update to our popular Vault Content Connectors includes performance enhancements that make queries twice as fast and support Unicode logins. Contact us for more information on our support of offline (cached) and online support of email and files archived within Symantec Enterprise Vault.
Tech Talks
Two live Tech Talk webinars are scheduled for the month of April. Both of these webinars include live product demonstrations and allow you to ask product related questions via interactive chat.
We have four on-demand webinars available for viewing anytime:
X1 on YouTube
X1 has two new videos on YouTube that include an introduction to X1 and advanced topics:
  • Introduction to X1 is a 10 minute video that goes over the basic use of X1 including most common searches.
  • X1 Advanced is an 8 minute video that goes over basic customization and advanced search techniques such as Boolean operators.
Recent X1 Press

3/23/09 X1 Technologies Receive Third U.S. Patent Related to Search Technology

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