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May 2009 Newsletter

A Cost Effective Approach to eDiscovery
Starting at $15,000, the new X1 eDiscovery Search Suite offers a fast and simple approach to the initial phases of electronic data discovery. Using the core X1 technology as a base, the new X1 eDiscovery Search Suite incorporates many new eDiscovery features including the following:
  • Data de-duplication that works at the binary level to find files and emails that are exact duplicates of each other even if the file name is different.
  • Both dynamic and static faceted search that allows users to look for commonality of words or phrases and to look for specific words and phrases that may be relevant to the case.
  • Tagging post search action that allows one or more customizable tags to be applied to search results. Once a tag or tags have been applied, they are stored in the X1 index.
  • Annotation of search results that is free form up to 4096 characters via the new annotate command.
  • Session logging to track all activities from beginning to end once an eDiscovery session has been invoked.
  • Reporting and exporting of search results.

Additional new features in the X1 eDiscovery Search Suite include a new "web crawler" that allows customers to crawl and index their intranet and primary web site along with full Unicode support in the client and server (allowing X1 to support Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters). Lastly, new email thread viewing allows users to see an entire email conversation in the exact order it occurred. A screen shot of the X1 eDiscovery Client session logging is below:

X1 Search Session

Feel free to contact us to learn more about X1's new eDiscovery Search solution.

See the new eDiscovery Search Suite live on Wednesday, May 20
X1 will demonstrate the power of our new eDiscovery solution this Wednesday, May 20 at 11:00 AM Pacific, 2:00 PM Eastern. Click here to register for this free, live webinar.

Here is the latest news and information from the X1 team.

Product Releases

X1 eDiscovery Search Suite
The new X1 eDiscovery Search Suite is now generally available and we already have the suite running live at three customer installations. This new offering from X1 consists of the new X1 eDiscovery Client V6.6 and the X1 eDiscovery Server V3.3.1. Together, these products provide a fast and simple approach to eDiscovery at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Since the eDiscovery Search suite consists of both a server and PC client component, they are not available for general download. However, X1 Sales would be more than happy to schedule a live one-on-one demo of the suite so that you can see first hand how easy and robust X1 eDiscovery is.

Tech Talks
Two new live Tech Talk webinars are scheduled for the month of May. This week we will present our new eDiscovery webinar that will include a live demonstration of the X1 eDiscovery Search Suite. Our engineering team will demo both the new X1 eDiscovery Client and the new X1 eDiscovery Server. In addition to the product overview and demo, live Q & A will take place.

Our second new Tech Talk webinar focuses on the X1 Enterprise Server that seamlessly integrates with the X1 PC Client to allow users to index and search large amounts of data along with server based applications such as Microsoft SharePoint and Symantec Enterprise Vault.

We have four on-demand webinars available for viewing anytime:

X1 on YouTube
X1 has two videos on YouTube that include an introduction to X1 and advanced topics with several more in development.

  • Introduction to X1 is a 10 minute video that goes over the basic use of X1 including most common searches.
  • X1 Advanced is an 8 minute video that goes over basic customization and advanced search techniques such as Boolean operators.

Recent X1 Press

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