X1 Search - May 2010 Newsletter
X1 Search  - May 2010 Newsletter

X1 Community,

First, and most importantly, thank you for your continued support of X1. Here are some of the most recent happenings at X1. As always, product updates and the latest news are also available at www.x1.com.

Product Update: X1 Professional Search Client v6.7
Available Now: X1 is proud to announce the latest update to the award-winning X1 Professional Search Client. Dozens of enhancements were made in this new release, including the following:
Windows 7 Logo
  • Certified "Compatible with Windows 7"
  • Improved IBM Lotus Notes Support
  • Support for Indexing and Searching Removable Disks
  • Improved Performance and Stability
  • Support for Double Byte Content
    Download the Trial or Purchase Now

It's Official: X1 saves you 30 minutes a day or more
Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate in our recent survey! We've learned a lot about how you increase your productivity with X1 and also received some great feedback, much of which has already found its way into our product roadmap.

Of the feedback received, we were delighted to learn that the average X1 user reports a time savings of more than 30 minutes per day! That's a savings of more than 120 hours per year.

We've taken your responses and incorporated them into a new article entitled Re-Invest 30 Minutes per Day, which discusses and provides ideas on how to maximize your "Return on Time" and funnel the benefits back into your life and career. The article was recently highlighted in KM World's Best Practices in Enterprise Search & Information Access. Click here to read more...

Imagine what you could do with an extra 2.5 hours a week!

X1 Search for iPhone and other Mobile Devices
X1 on iPhone Would you like the power of X1 Search while on the go?
Do you have an iPhone? a Blackberry? Android?
Do you enjoy testing beta software?

If so, X1 wants you. Click here to learn more...

X1 Technologies Selected as 2010 FiReStarter
We are proud to announce that X1 has been selected as a 2010 FiReStarter, and will be one of only 12 companies featured at the annual Future in Review technology conference. Featured companies were selected based on their potential to bring positive change to the world, and X1 specifically due to our leadership position in search of personal information. The Economist has called FiRe "The best technology conference in the world." Click here to read more...
Future in Review Conference
May 11-14, 2010
Terranea Resort
Palos Verdes, CA
FiRe 2010

From the X1 Blog: Kryder, Moore, and You
As computing power and storage capacity increases, so does your ability to save and have access to every email, document, picture, and video you've ever sent, received, created, or acquired. Unfortunately, these same laws of computing that allow you to "save everything" are also working against your productivity. The first is Moore's law and the second is Kryder's law. 
Click here to read more…

Did You Know? X1 Tips and Tricks
Did you know that you can sort three ways?

The X1 Professional Search Client allows you to sort three ways at once. For example, you may want to sort your results by date, then by name, then by subject. To do this, simply hold down the Shift key before clicking on the column to make your second and third sort selections.

Did you know that you can change the orientation of the Preview pane?

There are times when you might want to change the orientation of the Preview pane to provide a better view of the search results or of the content in the Preview pane itself. This is very easy to do – simply click the View menu and select the appropriate orientation from the Preview Pane menu item.

Extra Tip: You can also change the Preview pane orientation by double-clicking the pane splitter.

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