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X1 and NewsGator Partner to Provide Instant Search Capabilities of Aggregated RSS News and Information
Integrated solution provides instant access to news and information as fast as users can type

Tuesday April 27, 8:04 am ET

PASADENA, CA and Denver, CO — X1 Technologies, Inc., and NewsGator Technologies today announced a partnership to provide customers with instant access to aggregated RSS (Really Simple Syndication) news and information. The fast-as-you-can-type search capabilities of X1™ Search, which lets users find the content of email, files, attachments, and contacts, has been coupled with NewsGator's ability to deliver news and information directly into Microsoft Outlook to give customers a simple, integrated solution for obtaining and finding information. X1 Search and NewsGator customers no longer have to sort through old, unrelated posts and messages in their quest for a particular article or piece of information.

NewsGator retrieves news from news sites, weblogs, and other information sources that support the RSS syndication format and automatically integrates the news items into Outlook folders. In addition to RSS feeds, NewsGator lets customers subscribe to NNTP (Usenet) newsgroups. Once the information is downloaded into Outlook, X1, through its patent-pending Invisible Index™ technology, lets a user sort through the aggregated messages and find the content they want, narrowing and displaying results as they type the search terms. Results are displayed in the X1 preview pane for a quick read or, with a double-click, can be opened in Outlook.

"NewsGator is the best RSS aggregator out there, especially if you use Outlook on a daily basis," said Robert Scoble, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation. "Likewise, if you use Outlook, X1 is the fastest and most powerful method of finding and using all of your various data — a little bit of Longhorn for you before it ships. The combination is unbeatable."

For a limited time, users can purchase single copies of X1 Search and receive NewsGator, which normally sells for $29, as a special bonus. Current NewsGator customers can purchase X1 at a 30% discount. Additional information about this special offer is available at www.x1.com or www.newsgator.com.

"An X1 and NewsGator partnership makes perfect sense for anyone who wants instant access to information," said Josh Jacobs, president of X1 Technologies. "X1 is the fastest way to find what you're looking for and we're thrilled to partner with NewsGator to offer their customers instant access to their favorite news, information, and weblog entries, as well as their email, files, attachments, and contacts."

"As users store more and more RSS content in Outlook with NewsGator, it makes sense to offer improved search capabilities to our users," said Greg Reinacker, president of NewsGator Technologies. "X1 is a clear leader in this area, and we're happy to partner with them to offer their tools to our customers."

X1 Search finds and displays the content of any email, file, attachment, or contact as fast as you can type. With each new keystroke, X1 builds and refines a list of results in real time, highlighting search terms — in the list and in the documents themselves — in contrasting colors. Users can select any item from the list, and it's displayed instantaneously in any of 255 original formats, even if the application is not on their PC. Double-click on an item and, if the program is installed, it's launched directly from X1, saving extra steps and time.

Since X1 works on structured and unstructured data, users can reduce or eliminate the need to create folder hierarchies — X1 takes them right to the content they need no matter where it's been filed.

With X1, users don't have to worry about giving files clever names, moving email into special folders, or judiciously organizing their information for later retrieval. What's more, X1 allows new items to be dynamically added to the index, working in the background so that users can work without interruption.

NewsGator users can monitor secure feeds from the ever-growing number of information sources supporting RSS syndication. News can be sorted, organized, grouped, or searched in countless ways, and features like offline reading make this information readily accessible at any time. NewsGator 2.0 works with Microsoft Outlook 2000 or later.

About X1 Technologies
X1 Technologies, LLC is an information management and productivity enhancement software tools company based in Pasadena, California focused on developing products that assist PC users in finding information quickly. The company's flagship product, X1, is currently available for purchase and download at www.X1.com. The X1 team includes Bill Gross and many of the same programmers who conceived and developed a similar product, the award-winning Lotus Magellan, in 1989. X1 is a network company of Idealab, a creator and operator of technology companies. X1 was previously known as Find.

About NewsGator Technologies
NewsGator Technologies is a leading developer of content aggregation solutions for consumers and corporate customers. The desktop product NewsGator for Outlook is a news aggregator that runs in Microsoft Outlook, which allows users to subscribe to syndicated RSS news feeds to be delivered directly into their Microsoft Outlook and Exchange server folders. NewsGator Online Services provides content aggregation tools and services, allowing users to find the content they need, and read it wherever they are, on any device. For more information, visit us on the web at www.newsgator.com and services.newsgator.com.

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Stephan West
X1 Technologies, Inc.
(866) 918-3241
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Teresa Bridwell
X1 Technologies, Inc.
(866) 918-3241
[email protected]
Renee L. Blodgett
Blodgett Communications for NewsGator
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