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X1® Enterprise Edition Brings Secure, Cost Effective Search to Enterprise Desktops

X1 Enterprise Edition Enables Business Users
to Access—and Act upon—Corporate Data to Enhance
Productivity and Leverage Existing Information Assets

PASADENA , CA – June 27, 2005X1 Technologies, an award-winning leader in desktop search solutions, announces the availability of X1 Enterprise Edition, an enterprise desktop search solution fine-tuned to help business users access—and act upon—the information they need, no matter where it resides in the organization. As an early leader in the desktop search space, X1 Technologies has leveraged its relationship with thousands of business users to identify the requirements and capabilities specific to enterprise desktop search. The resulting solution, X1 Enterprise Edition, helps companies enhance workforce productivity and get more value from existing information assets while preserving data security.

X1 Enterprise Edition provides a comprehensive view of both user-managed and corporate-managed information assets through a solution sanctioned and managed by IT. This IT-managed software solution preserves control and security of data, allowing end users to find information within the purview of existing company privacy and security policies. X1 Enterprise Edition combines the user-friendly X1 Desktop Search interface with integrated network content connectors. X1 Content Connectors enable users to interact with the core functionality of underlying applications, such as finding data in shared file folders, email messages, attachments, and contacts from both locally cached and server-hosted email systems, including Microsoft Outlook® / Exchange® and Outlook Express, Mozilla® Thunderbird, Qualcomm Eudora™, Netscape® Mail and Lotus Notes® / Domino®. With server-side, centralized indexing, the X1 architecture is optimized for large networks, ensuring no network performance degradation occurs since indices are created where the data resides.

Searching is only the first step in the productivity enhancements that X1 Enterprise Edition delivers. The vital second step is the ability to act upon data once it is found. For many organizations, their most valuable asset is the information that its workers have created. The ability to leverage this information - both user and corporate managed - results in better and faster decision making and a clear competitive advantage. With X1 Enterprise Edition, users can preview search results even if the original application doesn't reside on their computer. Most importantly, users can act upon the information using the core functionality found in the underlying application.

"Until now, enterprise search solutions have focused on finding information - but not necessarily acting on it. At the same time, desktop search has been limited in a different way - finding data on the user's PC, but not accessing the larger universe of data within corporate repositories. Enterprise desktop search is finally overcoming these limitations of inaction and small scope. The ability of employees to take action on data—no matter where it resides—will have a profound impact on their productivity and on a business's ability to leverage investments already made in enterprise applications," said Guy Creese, managing principal, Ballardvale Research.

"Large organizations need software applications that extend into their existing infrastructure, meet users' business needs, comply with IT security requirements and are easy to deploy and manage. We're pleased to introduce X1 Enterprise Edition which is specifically designed to address these enterprise needs," said Josh Jacobs, president of X1 Technologies. "X1 delivers a solution that exceeds both the functional requirements of end-users and the security and management requirements of IT administrators."

X1 Enterprise Edition's low cost of ownership rises from the solution's ease of use, deployment, and management. An intuitive interface minimizes end user training requirements. X1 Enterprise Edition allows corporate IT departments to manage and scale deployments in a centralized manner while ease of integration allows them to leverage existing investments in enterprise applications. X1 Enterprise Edition includes a wide range of deployment and administration tools to dramatically speed and simplify implementation and maintenance.

Pricing & Availability
Now available, X1 Enterprise Edition starts at $7,500 per year, which includes the Enterprise Server, Server Manager, Content Connectors, Deployment Manager and the ability to support thousands of desktop, browser-based or mobile clients. All customer support and version upgrades are included in the subscription fee. X1 Enterprise Edition provides centralized server deployment options with a browser-based client, supports more than 370 types of files and is compatible with many leading email systems. System requirements include Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2000 or XP and 512 MB of RAM. For more information or to purchase, go to www.x1.com or call 866-X1-TECH1 (866-918-3241).

About X1 Technologies

X1 Technologies, Inc., a recognized leader in desktop search solutions, was founded in 2003 to help business users easily access and act upon information that resides anywhere on a desktop or the corporate enterprise. Companies of all sizes use X1 Technologies' solutions for their enterprise desktop search initiatives. X1 Technologies was an early leader in the desktop search space with the launch of their flagship product, X1 Desktop Search, which garnered industry awards including the "Best of 2004" and "Technical Excellence" from PC Magazine. X1 Technologies has partnered with leading companies including Yahoo! and EarthLink to power their desktop search initiatives. X1 Enterprise Edition brings secure, cost-effective search to the enterprise desktop, enabling business users to access and act upon corporate data to enhance productivity and leverage existing investments in enterprise applications. Headquartered in Pasadena, California, X1 Technologies is an operating company of Idealab, a creator and operator of technology businesses, and is also backed by U.S. Venture Partners. For more information, visit www.x1.com, or call (866) X1-TECH1 (866-918-3241).

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X1 Technologies, Inc.
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X1 Technologies, Inc.
(866) 918-3241
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