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Newest Release of X1 Technologies Platform Takes Enterprise Desktop Search to the Next Level with Extensibility, Actionability and Scalability

New Features in Enterprise Edition 2.5 Include Federated Search, Scalability for Multiple Servers and Content Connector for Interwoven WorkSite 8.0

PASADENA, CA – February 6, 2006 X1 Technologies today announced the availability of the newest release of the X1 platform, X1 Enterprise Edition 2.5. This release features a number of new key developments including: the new X1 Cluster Manager, which allows IT administrators to remotely install and manage X1 servers, as well as providing central management capabilities for deploying large scale systems; a new Content Connector for Interwoven that searches on data residing in Worksite 8.0; and new X1 SDKs for extending the X1 platform to existing system and business processes.

"X1 Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive enterprise search platform that we anticipate will be an excellent addition to our knowledge management tools, allowing us to perform federated searches across disparate data sources. We are excited about the unique user experience and post-search action capability," said Michael Legman, CIO at Wachtell Lipton.

"IDC believes that the next big cost saving in the enterprise will come from streamlining and automating information work. Applications like X1 Enterprise Edition are a good example of a new breed of applications that simplify information work through good usability design," said Susan Feldman, Research Vice President, Content Management and Retrieval Solutions at IDC. " Our data shows that information workers waste too much time looking for information, and they don't find the information that they need in at least a third of their searches. Furthermore, they must shuttle between applications, opening and closing applications, cutting and pasting information from one format to another. This adds up to more wasted hours. The X1 user interface is designed to fix these problems. It cuts down on wasted efforts, saves times and makes workers less frustrated and more productive."

X1 Enterprise Edition 2.5 can be managed, deployed and extended across the enterprise while retaining the scalability, performance and security required in business today. X1 Enterprise Edition 2.5 leverages those features to deliver a new set of rich business functionality, including:

X1 Professional Client - gives the user a single unified view of all applications and data that resides on the desktop and the corporate network. This increases productivity by allowing the end-user to take action on the results within the context of the application that manages it.

Cluster Manager - provides near-linear scalability to cover large data stores and remote management, configuration, and installation of the X1 Server. Using inexpensive, commodity hardware, IT administration tools can be used to deploy X1 Servers in a cluster for scale, performance and reliability. IT administrators can manage data access and security requirements within the existing infrastructure.

X1 Content Connector for Interwoven - connects to the Interwoven WorkSite 8.0 data repository and federates the results with local and server-based content. The user can perform common Worksite 8.0 functions such as "open," "check-in," and "check-out," and send documents within the X1 interface.

X1 SDKs - open architecture to connect to other applications in the organization and automating key workflows.
  • X1 Server SDK - Enables users to extend the X1 solution to index new or custom data sources such as proprietary and third-party systems.
  • X1 Client SDK - the user interface can be customized and extended to integrate search results directly into existing applications and business processes

These features, as part of the X1 platform, deliver the following benefits:

Increases employee productivity. Users are more productive because they can instantly locate, review and act upon information, whether stored locally or on the network, from a single interface. X1 delivers the workflow capabilities of business applications directly to the user.

Seamlessly integrates with existing security and information systems. The X1 Cluster Manager provides the IT manager flexibility and control to manage the X1 platform. Existing corporate security policies are enforced and enhanced. Administrators work with an easy-to-use interface to configure, scale, optimize performance and publish information sources to appropriate users in real time. Pre-built connectors allow users to have deep interaction with existing applications leveraging those investments.

Open architecture to build access to data across your enterprise. The X1 platform includes SDKs that allow internal developers and systems integrators to:
  • Extend search capabilities to custom applications, databases, and other content repositories.
  • Tailor the user experience by adding business specific workflow actions.
  • Embed X1 search, preview, and action capabilities into existing desktop and web applications.

"The X1 platform brings unified enterprise search to the business environment for access to all relevant corporate data, from the desktop to the enterprise, while maintaining existing security policies," said Josh Jacobs, president of X1 Technologies. "With the release of Enterprise Edition 2.5, X1 now delivers unified actionable search that leverages information assets across the organization and a scalable and open architecture that enables organizations to extend X1 to existing business systems and applications."

Pricing & Availability
Now available, X1 Enterprise Edition 2.5 starts at $15,000 per year, which includes the X1 Enterprise Server, Cluster Manager, Content Connectors and Deployment Manager which supports desktop, browser-based or mobile clients. Customer support and all version upgrades are included in the subscription fee.

System requirements include Microsoft Windows Server and Active Directory / Windows Server 2000 SP4 with Internet Information Services 5 and Active Directory, 1 GB RAM and 20GB free hard disk. For more information go to www.x1.com or call 866-X1-TECH1.

About X1 Technologies, Inc.
X1 Technologies, Inc., a recognized leader in desktop search solutions, was founded in 2003 to help business users easily access and act upon information that resides anywhere on a desktop or the corporate enterprise. Companies of all sizes use X1 Technologies' solutions for their enterprise desktop search initiatives. X1 Technologies was an early leader in the desktop search space with the launch of their flagship product, X1 Desktop Search, which garnered industry awards including the "Best of 2004" and "Technical Excellence" from PC Magazine. X1 Technologies has partnered with leading companies including IBM, Yahoo! and EarthLink to power their desktop search initiatives. Headquartered in Pasadena, California, X1 Technologies is an operating company of Idealab, and is backed by U.S. Venture Partners. For more information, visit www.x1.com or call 626-229-3050.
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