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X1 Technologies Announces General Availability of Client Content Connector for Microsoft SharePoint 2007
X1 Technologies Releases Second Enterprise Search Content Connector for Microsoft SharePoint 2007

PASADENA, CA – October 15, 2008 X1 Technologies, Inc., the innovator in enterprise search solutions, today announced its follow-up enterprise search solution for Microsoft SharePoint 2007. In August of 2008, X1 Technologies announced a unique strategy to deliver enterprise search solutions to Microsoft SharePoint 2007 customers. The first product was the X1 Content Connector for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 that works with the X1 Enterprise Server to provide a rich search experience by indexing SharePoint data beyond that of Microsoft Search Server. The follow-up product is a "light" Content Connector that allows X1 Professional Client customers to connect directly to Microsoft SharePoint 2007 as a target for search. Customers can search for documents, lists and sites using both X1 search terminology along with SharePoint's Keyword Query syntax. These searches can be federated (presented in a single results view) with local and remote searches to provide a unified query interface. The X1 Content Connector for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 client is now available and can be downloaded for trial at www.x1.com/cs/mssp2007connector.zip.

For customers who require a rich, full feature enterprise search solution for Microsoft SharePoint 2007, X1 recommends the server based connector that goes beyond the limitations of the native SharePoint Query. Whether customers choose the Client or Server based Content Connector for Microsoft SharePoint 2007, both allow them to effortlessly search for any type of content that may reside in SharePoint, email, personal computers, file servers or enterprise applications, all from a simple yet elegant interface.

"Given the rapid adoption of Microsoft SharePoint 2007, X1 felt there was a need for multiple options to provide a unified means for searching data in SharePoint and the rest of the enterprise," said John Waller, President and COO X1 Technologies. "Customers who don't need anything beyond basic search will find our client based connector more than satisfactory whereas customers who require a feature rich, extensible solution will opt for our scalable server based solution."

About X1 Technologies
X1 Technologies, the innovator in enterprise search solutions, was founded in 2003 with the vision of providing a single user interface capable of previewing and acting upon data anywhere in the enterprise. X1's patented search technology scales from a single server to tens of thousands of desktops. Innovations pioneered by X1 include find-as-you-type searching along with unified, actionable search. X1 is a technology partner with leading companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and Symantec. Headquartered in Pasadena California, X1 is an operating company of Idealab. For more information, visit www.x1.com or call 626-229-3050.

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